Spring Road Trip

Unique industry gatherings held in our booksellers' own communities

Bayfield 2022

On May 23, 2022 booksellers from 30 bookstores throughout our region met at Apostle Islands Booksellers in Bayfield, WI for a mini summit of independent bookselling. We had such a fabulous experience we're planning to do it again, and we're excited to offer you the opportunity to propose your community for the 2023 Spring Road Trip. This would be an extraordinary time to show off your store and community and form lasting connections with our bookseller members.

To apply

  1. Reference the past proposal examples below to be inspired and send us a pitch to re-create this type of experience in your store's town.
  2. Email your pitch to Carrie Obry (carrie@midwestbooksellers.org). The deadline for pitches is July 29, 2022

Our Spring Road Trip is a time to strengthen our network of bookseller and industry members in a close-knit setting that allows for relationships to form. While Heartland Fall Forum will always be held in a major metro area near an airport, the Spring Road Trip is designed to celebrate our booksellers' own communities, highlight what each store does well, and bring our members together to get reacquainted and have fun while also having in-depth conversations about the new realities of bookselling operations.

Past proposal examples

Points to consider

When: The roadtrip is typically scheduled in March, April, or May.

Location: Your bookstore, along with surrounding venues for education, pre-event kickoff party, and lodging (preferably independent)

Content: What does your store do best? What what you love to show off about your bookstore and your town to 60-70 of your industry friends and colleagues? The pitch doesn't have to include programming descriptions in great detail; just a taste of the programming is fine.

Past feedback
"The location was sublime. The sessions were very well thought out and informative. Covid protocols were great."
"I enjoyed connecting with other bookshop owners, learning about the engagement between publishers, authors, and booksellers, meeting the MIBA team, and hearing about organizations like Bookshop.org."
"As a person who is new to books, I loved having the opportunity to speak with experienced booksellers."

See our 2022 spring event


We would love to hear from you as well about collaborating with us on Spring Road Trips. These meetings bring 50-60 independent booksellers who are eager to connect and learn from one another--and we want publishers to be a part of this authentic experience. Would you sponsor a meeting? Send us your author(s) and educational ideas. Please let us know if you're intrigued and we'll flush out a collaboration together.