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Organization Overview

Fulcrum Publishing started as a conversation between two friends, in a tent, deep in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, in the summer of 1983. An unrelenting rainstorm kept Bob Baron and Hunter Holloway huddled inside their shelter for the better part of two days. So instead of exploring the Wyoming wilderness, they found themselves discussing how to best preserve and protect it. Their exchange became the bedrock for the conservation-minded publishing company Baron founded in Denver the following year.

Baron envisioned Fulcrum as an unbiased matchmaker between hungry readers and ardent authors. As a place of equilibrium or point where action begins, as the name Fulcrum suggests.
As a vessel through which current issues and the story of the American West could be thoroughly charted. As a platform for continuing the conversation that started in the Yellowstone backcountry in 1983, with the aim of expanding that conversation to an even broader readership through established and emerging voices. Nearly 40 years later, that lasting vision continues to shape the work we do.

Today, Fulcrum is recognized as one of the nation’s leading independent publishers of civics, conservation, and Native American titles. Its authors have earned accolades from the Harvey Awards, National Book Foundation, New York Public Library, PEN USA Literary Awards, and Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, among many others.
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