Midwest Independent Bookstore Roadmap Puzzle

A 1,000 piece puzzle featuring the Midwest indie bookstore community

We’re turning the Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap into a puzzle!

By popular demand, we’re producing a puzzle that showcases our beloved indie bookstore roadmap. Rest assured, the roadmap isn’t going anywhere. We’re adding on a puzzle in the fall of 2022, partnering with the Minnesota puzzle maker PuzzleTwist

  • 1,000-piece puzzle with gorgeous bright colors and all the quirky charm of the roadmap
  • Showcases our 200 member bookstores
  • We’re part of the PuzzleTwist line, so the puzzle will include “twists”—playful changes to the art that puzzlers discover as they piece it all together
  • Comes with a 16 x 20 poster insert for puzzlers to use as a key, with puzzle art on the front and a store list and industry ads on the back

The puzzle is currently in production and will be released in October, in time for holiday ordering and sales. Our plan is to release a new edition of the puzzle after 2,000 units are sold. The roadmap will continue to be released annually.

Buying puzzles for resale

Your store on a puzzle alongside our community of Midwest indie bookstores.
Ordering information coming soon!
All of our current bookstore members (including storefront, pop-up, and online) are automatically included on the puzzle. The puzzle is in production now, so any stores that joined MIBA after our cut-off date will be included on the puzzle's next print run.
  • $12.00 wholesale
  • $24.99 retail
  • Minimum order: 12. Orders beyond 12 must be divisible by 6, but any other PuzzleTwist puzzle can be added to your order to hit those thresholds
  • Order 18 roadmap puzzles to get a free framed puzzle to display in your store