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We make it easy for publishers, authors, wholesalers, sidelines companies, and book industry partners to reach independent booksellers. Your promotion will target indie booksellers in the Midwest as well as the book industry at large. We require all promotions to link to sales outlets that support indie bookstores.

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How to Book a Promotion

  1. View promotional products on our dedicated page (each product lists the specifications and overview of our current reservations).
  2. Add desired promos to your cart and purchase with a credit card, or log into your profile to receive an invoice (don't have an account? No problem! Create an account here).
  3. Once you purchase, you'll be provided access to our booking calendar.
  4. Search for a specific date and reserve your spot.
  5. MIBA receives a notification of your confirmed booking and your scheduling is all set.

Next step: After your booking is complete and when your assets are ready, deliver graphics, click through, subject line, etc. to Aleah Salloway at

For custom packages, please contact Carrie Obry at

Events in 2024

Heartland Fall Forum · October 6-9, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our annual trade show is an exciting event packed with opportunities to reach independent booksellers. They will be posted on Heartland's website in summer of 2024​.

Newsletter Sponsored Content

The heart of our communications, our weekly e-newsletter is our go-to resource for indie bookstore information. Organically host your content alongside ours or reserve an entire newsletter. 

​​Ideal for: Content-rich information. Get our attention and link to anywhere.
Open rate: 43%
Clickthrough: 4%
Reach: 1,900

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Type Features Price

Entire e-newsletter

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Promoted story across Facebook and Instagram social media platforms
Unlimited clickthroughs
Five photos, 600 words


E-Blasts & Banners

Our most popular promos for a reason. Easy, convenient, and effective. All graphics can be jpg, png, or gif.

Ideal for: Distributing title info, galley requests, call to action, creative assets alert, etc.

Type Features Price

Dedicated E-Blast
32% open rate
5% click-through
1,200 reach

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Supply an image to send to the inboxes of our bookseller and industry members.

​One click-through link, custom subject line

600 W x 800 H - max file size 500k

Banner Ad
Website: 326 unique visits, 686 page views weekly
Newsletter: 34% open rate, 5% click rate, 1,500 reach
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Place a banner ad in our e-newsletter or on our website.

​600 pW x 125 pH / one click through

All-Regional Banner Ad
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Get instant national weeklong industry exposure on the homepages of eight regional trade associations

Two formats required: Horizontal (440 W x 125 H) and Vertical (125 W x 440 H)



Title Alert Program Logo

Digital sales rep! Make your forthcoming titles available directly to our booksellers. Each season, we feature your galleys through a standalone email to our booksellers (400 emails), on our closed bookseller Facebook group, in our weekly e-newsletter, in our weekly bestseller list (and printable pdf), and on a dedicated webpage

  • Supply: Book cover image, link to galley request form, 50 words of copy
  • Run time: January 5, May 1, and September 1

Regional promotion


Our annual book awards reflect handselling at its best, as all the books are selected directly by independent booksellers. Finalists are boosted via free custom book stickers to our stores, and the winners are celebrated at our awards ceremony in October at the Heartland Fall Forum. Submit your Midwest titles to be included on the list of potential titles for bookseller nomination.

1/2 panel $1,200; 1/4 panel $800

Your roadmap partnership includes print AND digital placement. Perfect for specific titles or general awareness of opportunities from publishers, organizations, sidelines vendors, and book festivals.

  • Reach: 97,000 distributed
  • Support: Consumer-facing promotions and contests
  • Run time: In circulation for one year. Released on Independent Bookstore Day and available until supplies run out
  • Dedicated social media posts across our most popular channels

This year's roadmap ad sales closed in April 2024 and will reopen again at the end of this year.


Increasing sales for booksellers and publishers during the busy holiday season.

View our 2024 ad rates

Our book lover’s winter catalog is a highly valued, direct-to-consumer marketing piece featuring about 100 gift-worthy books in a wide range of subjects for adults and children of all ages. Designed as an interactive winter traffic-builder, our catalog drives indie bookstore sales in-store and online during the busy gift-giving season. The catalog is a time-tested and proven marketing tool. Stores report a higher rate of traffic once the catalog is in their customers’ hands.

JOB BOARD • Members: Free / Non-members: ​$75 per post

For our book industry job board, we accept positions of special interest to our independent booksellers. Jobs do not have to be based in the Midwest. Placing a listing here is free for members to encourage circulation among the book industry. For non-members, posts are $75 for the full duration of the job’s availability.

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