Promo Samples

Dedicated E-blast

Galley Request

Subject Line: The novel that Kristin Hannah calls "an absolute marvel."

Christie Affair Eblast

NetGalley Link

Subject line: "The world needs more stories like this one."

A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself

Edelweiss Link

Subject line: "While Caesar rules the world, the Vestal Virgins wield hidden power."

To Be Wolves

Eblast Specs:

  • one image: 600 W x 800H jpg, png, or gif
  • one clickthrough
  • max file size of 500k
  • subject line provided by client
  • content due 5 days prior to send date

Social Media Upgrade


  • Square: 2048 W x 2048 H
  • Portrait: 2048 W x 3072 H
  • Landscape: 2048 W x 1149 H


  • 1200 W x 675 H
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 5 MB max


  • Square: 1080 W x 1080 H
  • Portrait: 1080 W x 1350 H
  • Lanscape: 1080 W x 608 H

Sponsored Content

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Classic Feature

Specs: 75 words, one clickthrough, one image (jpg, png, or gif, max file size 500k). Image works best in portrait or square orientation no wider than 300 px. Click the images below to view the full newsletter.

Email sample

email sample

email sample

Deluxe Feature
​Specs: 150 words, two clickthroughs, two images (jpg, png, or gif, max file size 500k).

Mega Feature
​Specs: Entire e-newsletter, permanent placement on our newsfeed. 600 words, unlimited clickthroughs, five images (jpg, png, or gif, max file size 500k). 

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Newsletter & Website Banner

Milkweed banner

Britannica banner

Banner Ad Specs: 600 pW x 125 pH jpg, png, or gif. One clickthrough

All-Regional Banner
Remembered banner
regional banner

All-regional Banner Ad Specs:

  • Horizontal 440 W x 125 H and Vertical 125 W x 440 H. Both formats required
  • jpg, gif, 250k max file size
  • one clickthrough