Winter Catalog

Increasing sales for booksellers and publishers during the busy holiday season

For this year's cover collaboration, we've paired with Enchanted Lion Books to use art from Book of Questions, a New York Times bestselling title. An adaptation of Pablo Neruda's poetry illustrated by Paloma Valdivia, the stunning art is sure to draw attention to the 95 books ready to give as gifts this holiday season.

Are you an advertiser? If so, remember we're on an early schedule this year due to labor and supply shortages. There's plenty of time to upload additional assets before the catalog releases in mid-October. 

Title list. It's available as an Edelweiss collection and all titles are on Edelweiss except one (Let Flowers Be Flowers, Rudbeckia Production, 9781737515494).

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Assets for booksellers. We're opening our full collection of title data and assets to booksellers via this gallery view. If you create more assets between now and October 14, please add them to our database so booksellers can browse, download, and create their own DIY title-based promotions.

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In-home dates are October 14-18

With this accelerated production schedule, booksellers will be able to act on the "October is the new November" consumer shopping messaging

A note about stock: Book of Questions will be sporadically in and out of stock over the next few months. A smaller reprint was rush-ordered after it hit the NYT bestseller list and a larger reprint will be ordered later this summer with quantities hoped to ensure availability through the holiday season.

To help manage availability, we encourage you to order directly from Enchanted Lion Books, which helps the publisher better anticipate demand than when orders go through wholesalers. Enchanted Lion is part of Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. Emily Johnson ( is the rep for all of our states except for Wisconsin, which she shares with John Mesjak (, so please contact Emily or John and they'll help you process your order.