Winter Catalog

Increasing sales for booksellers and publishers during the busy holiday season

​Our book lover’s winter catalog is a highly valued, direct-to-consumer marketing piece featuring about 100 gift-worthy books in a wide range of subjects for adults and children of all ages. Designed as an interactive winter traffic-builder, our catalog drives indie bookstore sales in-store and online during the busy gift-giving season. The catalog is a time-tested and proven marketing tool. Stores report a higher rate of traffic once the catalog is in their customers’ hands.

​Using our catalog increases a book's sell-in; our dedicated booksellers increase a book's sell-through.

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Ordering is complete and the catalog resources will start flowing. We'll send out updates as resources are added.

Title list
  • Airtable List -- This can be viewed in "Details" layout, which is the easiest way to see cover art, or a "List" layout, which make s it easy to download. You can also filter and sort by category, publishers, etc.
  • Edelweiss Collection -- One title is not on Edelweiss: Seek and Find with Freddy and Ellie®, Santa’s Workshop (9781945546815) is currently available direct from the publisher. Booksellers can order by contacting Paula Fesik at, or by placing a wholesale order online at

In January 2022, MIBA will reimburse member bookstores that order the catalog up to $300 for direct mail postage and catalogs in excess of 12,500.
1/2 Total Postage Cost + 1/2 Catalog Cost (beyond 12,500) = Rebate Amount (up to $300)

To qualify for the rebate, bookstores must provide a sales report for catalog titles covering the period from September 1-December 31, 2021. The sales report can be either a printout in alphabetical order by title from your POS system, or a handwritten tally on a stock checklist.

If you have any questions about the rebate, please contact Kate Scott at


We offer an array of eye-catching graphics to use in your promotions. 

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Images & Printables

  • All catalog book jacket images
  • Catalog front cover in various formats and sizes
  • Email and newsletter assets
  • Shelf talkers, bookmarks, and signage
  • Social media images
  • Entire catalog
  • Links & Collections
  • Title list
  • Edelweiss collection
  • HTML Files & Templates
  • Materials for emails 1-4