Board Candidates

Thank you for your interest in joining our board. We are a collegial and positive group of individuals committed to upholding the values important to independent bookselling. Please complete the following intake form to express your interest in joining us. Please know we typically present 2-3 candidates for every available spot, allowing our board to determine the best fit from multiple diverse angles, such as store location and style, candidate's strengths and position in the industry, gender and cultural representation, and so on. Every candidate we hear from is a strong option, so if you are not selected during any given round, your application will be saved for the next opportunity. 

Complete the candidate intake form

Further Details

Read an overview of MIBA's board of directors and our nomination process.

  • Typically, our board members are eligible to serve two three-year terms. We are willing to consider shorter-term board appointments if it make sense for the candidate
  • Our board meetings have traditionally occurred four times per year: January, March/April, June, and October (during the trade show). They are held in various locations throughout our region. Due to COVID, we are conducting virtual board meetings throughout 2020/2021 and intend to host more of our meetings online in the future (i.e., not all four meetings will be in person)
  • Directors do not receive compensation for their services, but are reimbursed for all board-related expenses, including travel and lodging for all of our meetings, which includes the annual trade show
  • Arrangements can be made for the association to pay board members’ expenses up front

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates must be the owner or employee of an independent bookstore operating according to sound business principles
  • Board candidates must have enough recent experience as an owner or employee of a member bookstore in order to contribute substantively to furthering our mission
  • Board candidates exhibit qualities of leadership and creativity, have a strong reputation for integrity and character, are willing to carry out various assignments, and are dedicated to the association’s mission and objectives
  • All candidates must operate within our portion of the Midwest--Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula