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Bookstore Roadmap Vector Files

Bookstore Roadmap Vector Files

Get all the files you need for creating high-quality, store-branded materials at any size or resolution. Vector images include your city in Kevin Cannon's handwritten style and are good for more substantial jobs, such as T-shirts, large print jobs, etc. This package also includes an address "badge" with your store art, name, address, website, and phone number.

Your vector files will include:

  • ai files: color and B&W
  • eps files: color and B&W
  • hi-res jpegs: color and B&W

Your badge files will include:

  • color .eps (vector for print use)
  • color .png (raster for web use)

Vector files can take up to two weeks to complete. However, closer to Independent Bookstore Day, It may take longer. Please prepare ahead of time. We will email you when the files are ready.

There are times throughout the year when we close store artwork orders as we work on the roadmap. If you have questions about your artwork, contact Nikita Imafidon at

Member Price: $50