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Entire e-newsletter

Entire e-newsletter

Feature your content in a standalone e-newsletter.

Average newsletter feature stats:

  • ‚Äč40% open rate
  • 1% click-through
  • 1,200 reach

Entire e-newsletter specs:

  • Entire e-newsletter
  • Promoted story across Facebook and Instagram social media platforms
  • Unlimited clickthroughs
  • Five photos
  • 600 words
  • Assets are due 5 days prior to send date

Once your feature is purchased, you will be given a link to schedule your feature. To see an overview of our current mega feature reservations, click hereFeatures will only be reserved after payment and date reservation are completed.

Price: $400

What is the 13 digit ISBN of your featured title? Numbers only, do not use dashes.
What is the name of the book you will feature?

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