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POS Print Package
POS Print Package Get a winter catalog POS print package delivered straight to your door. Each package...
Member Price: $50
Winter Catalog Hero Spot
Winter Catalog Hero Spot New this year! Designed for universally appealing blockbuster titles, your ad will occupy the very...
Price: $4,000
Winter Catalog Standard Ad
Winter Catalog Standard Ad Our most popular option! Standard ads are 10 per page and include jacket and 30 words of...
Price: $2,750
Winter Catalog Midwest Favorite
Winter Catalog Midwest Favorite Enjoy a discounted rate on titles with a consumer-facing Midwestern angle. Sized as a standard ad...
Price: $1,750
Winter Catalog Paperback
Winter Catalog Paperback Enjoy a discounted rate on titles previously released in hardcover. Sized as a standard ad (10 per...
Price: $1,500
Winter Catalog Digital Only Ad
Winter Catalog Digital Only Ad New this year! Ads will be placed in our digital catalog - a mobile-optimized, user-friendly...
Price: $1,000
Heartland Booksellers Award Submission
Heartland Booksellers Award Submission Thank you for submitting your title to the Heartland Booksellers Award. If you have not already...
Price: $25
Badgeholder Sponsor
Badgeholder Sponsor Donate 100 badgeholders with your custom design/logo Banner ad on event webpage Recognition in...
Member Price: $500
Bookseller Travel Sponsor
Bookseller Travel Sponsor Help booksellers from all areas of our region make it to this event. Banner ad on event...
Member Price: $400
Meal Sponsor
Meal Sponsor Meals are special moments to connect with our attendees. Banner ad on event...
Member Price: $1,000
Opening Reception Sponsor
Opening Reception Sponsor We structure this event and your sponsorship makes it possible. Banner ad on event...
Member Price: $1,000
Program Ad
Program Ad Our mobile-friendly program features three ads per page as it fits on a screen. Book 1, 2, or 3...
Member Price: $150